Right to Work “on hold” in McKinley County (at least for now)

Efforts to make McKinley County the 3rd “Right to Work” County in New Mexico were put on hold today as two of the three commissioners refused to provide a “second” in order to have a vote on a local “Right to Work” ordinance. The ordinance was put forth by Commissioner Bill Lee. All three of McKinley County’s Commissioners are Democrats.

McKinley County is an economically-challenged area of New Mexico which currently has an unemployment rate of 7.6% but as recently as 2014 had an unemployment rate near 12%.

Paul Gessing, President of the Rio Grande Foundation, made the trip to McKinley to testify as did local supporters, Sandoval Commissioner Jay Block, and supporters form organizations including Americans for Prosperity and New Mexico Business Coalition. Said Gessing, “Despite rising oil prices New Mexico remains deeply-challenged economically. McKinley is one of the counties in New Mexico facing serious economic challenges. Alas, a majority of the Commission was not willing to follow Bill Lee’s lead in striking a blow for economic change.

Concluded Gessing, “We’ll continue working on ‘Right to Work’ statewide. And, the issue could come up again in McKinley County at some point in the near future. We’ll keep fighting for worker choice for ALL New Mexicans!”

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2 Replies to “Right to Work “on hold” in McKinley County (at least for now)”

  1. Paul, you missed another opportunity to provide good sound bites to support your RTW position. Typical Conservatives; lousy at selling their ideas

    1. Sound bites? We’ve been pumping out information on RTW for months now. We have ample information available at EoE and in numerous other locations.

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