Right to Work passes 3-0 in Otero County, New Mexico (becomes 2nd right to work county in state)

Following on the heels of Sandoval County passing a local “right to work” ordinance in January, the Otero County Commission, on a unanimous 3-0 vote, adopted “right to work” for that county this morning at the Otero County Commission meeting.

The Rio Grande Foundation along with Americans for Prosperity New Mexico and numerous local activists and others from around the State attended the meeting, but witnessed a Commission that had clearly made their decisions and held the vote in support of increasing worker freedom.

The Rio Grande Foundation worked closely with the Commission and attended the introduction meeting, a lengthy “informational” meeting, and was again in the room for the final vote.

As Paul Gessing, president of the Rio Grande Foundation noted, “There were ample opportunities for the public and both sides to weigh in on the issue of ‘right to work’ in Otero County. Rather than asking for another round of comments or adopting unnecessary amendments, the Commission decided to move forward expeditiously and in support of both worker freedom and stronger economic growth.”




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