Rio Metro issues “RFP” for Rail Runner “PTC”

A lot of acronyms in that title. RFP of course is “Request for Proposals” and PTC is “Positive Train Control,” a $50 or so million dollar system that the federal government is requiring be added to train systems.

The RFP has been issued by “Rio Metro” the agency that actually manages the Rail Runner’s operations. We have no idea how the additional $50 million expense will be paid for although we have a good bet that (like all the other costs for this boondoggle they will wind up on the taxpayers). The plan most often discussed is to simply “bond” the payments on the PTC system (as discussed in the KRQE story linked above).

Perhaps unsurprisingly, New Mexico is lagging when it comes to PTC implementation. There is a comprehensive “infographic” (available from the Federal Railroad Administration) a portion of which is posted below illustrating that New Mexico has done nothing so far on PTC while other rail systems are moving forward with the mandated regulations.

HT: John D’Aloia

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