Sandoval Right to Work (finally), but does anyone else in New Mexico have the guts?

After months of debate and delay, Sandoval County is going to consider (and hopefully pass) a “right to work” ordinance this Thursday evening. The meeting starts at 6pm at the Sandoval County Commission chambers (you can contact commissioners directly at this link) but we expect a big crowd, so get there early.

With all that said, the question now becomes, “Do local elected officials elsewhere have the courage to follow Sandoval’s lead?” All of New Mexico is struggling economically relative to the rest of the country. All areas of our State would benefit from “right to work.” There are conservative areas of our State with Republicans in control. Will these elected officials display the courage that has been exhibited by some in Sandoval County?

It’s not easy. Being a leader never is. For example, in Roswell, the City Council recently adopted a resolution in support of “right to work” calling for it to be enacted by the Legislature. In other words, it had no real impact on laws in Roswell and since the Democrats who control the Legislature oppose “right to work,” it was basically meaningless. That didn’t stop one Councilor from making outrageous claims about “right to work” being “racist.”

The fact is that leadership involves being attacked by one’s opponents. Doing what is right is never easy. We have people in Northwest and Southeast New Mexico in particular that know how important “right to work” can be and how it can lead to economic growth. It is time for them to act.

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