Santa Fe Council declines to address issues raised in RGF lawsuit: game on!

In the wake of the soda tax election back in May, the Rio Grande Foundation sued the City of Santa Fe due to what we believe is an anti-Constitutional campaign finance law that forces organizations like RGF (501c3’s) to disclose their donors. As recently as a few weeks ago it had looked like the City was going to pass a law amending the law to specifically exempt groups like RGF on ballot measure campaigns.

The City Attorney even told the Santa Fe Reporter that the City’s case was not very good.

But, undoubtedly due to pressure from Common Cause and other liberal groups, the City has decided to abandon the proposed changes. What does this mean?

Well, the court case continues. We look forward to that and believe that the Santa Fe City Attorney is right, but we’ll take our chances with the Courts if that’s what the City wants to do.

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2 Replies to “Santa Fe Council declines to address issues raised in RGF lawsuit: game on!”

  1. Paul:

    Keep up the good work regarding pressure and law-suits against the City of Santa Fe!

    You have my support and the support of many more.



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