Santa Fe’s wild spending rumpus is just getting started

Last year the Legislature increased general fund spending by a robust 12%. But, with oil and gas money flowing into the State at record levels, state agencies are looking to further increase their budgets in Fiscal Year 2021 (which will be discussed by the Legislature in January). Funding requests have so far proposed a cumulative spending increase of 17 percent from the General Fund over current funding levels. This 17 percent increase does not include funding requests for Public School Support and from higher education institutions.

Here are a few year-over-year request highlights from the extremely ambitious spending agendas of New Mexico’s government agencies.

Attorney General’s office                          20 percent increase

State Auditor’s office                                37 percent increase

Secretary of State’s office                         28 percent increase

State Treasurer’s office                              11 percent increase

Governor’s office                                       10 percent increase

General Services Department                    20 percent increase

Taxation and Revenue Department             9 percent increase

Tourism Department                                  43 percent increase

Economic Development Dept.                   20 percent increase

Spaceport Authority                                 260 percent increase (that is not a typo)

Regulation and Licensing Dept.               11 percent increase

Cultural Affairs Department                     14 percent increase

Administrative Office of the Courts         19 percent increase

Administrative Office of DAs                    39 percent increase

State Racing Commission                         62 percent increase

DFA Special Appropriations                      22 percent increase

State Engineer                                           26 percent increase

New Mexico Livestock Board                   104 percent increase

Workforce Solutions Department              20 percent increase

Human Services Dept.                                11 percent increase ($126.8 million increase)

Department of Environment                      72 percent increase

Public Education Department                    11 percent increase

Higher Education Department                   58 percent increase

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