Some ‘Shared Sacrifice’ in Santa Fe County?

In one week, Santa Fe County will go to the polls to decide the fate of a GRT hike.

Rio Grande Foundation President Paul Gessing makes a solid case against the increase in today’s Santa Fe New Mexican. Not long ago, the Republican Party of Santa Fe County’s Yvonne Chicoine did the same in the Albuquerque Journal.

One more fact that voters should keep in mind is that the revenue the hike is projected to raise — about $2.2 million — could be more than covered with a single change in personnel policy. Currently, county taxpayers pick up $4.3 million worth of the “employee” portion of pension contributions to the wildly generous, defined-benefit Public Employees Retirement Association. It’s not a requirement, but a voluntary giveaway that many local-government entities in the Land of Enchantment provide. On your dime.

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One Reply to “Some ‘Shared Sacrifice’ in Santa Fe County?”

  1. How aggressive are the taxes? The previous 1/8 GRT hike in June has yet to take effect so logically let’s add a 1/16 tax hike on top of that before everyone feels the pinch and decides that they didn’t like the first rise in taxes? Savvy Dems. Always thinking while the population isn’t. Wait….or is it now! Sugar Tax Part Deux and Javier is running away…….

    Can’t be stupid forever.

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