Stay in Las Cruces: we’ll tax you 16% for the privilege

The Rio Grande just had an event in Las Cruces. We had the event at a private venue (not the convention center) and the trip required a night in a hotel room. Here’s the bill. I know cities across the US tax hotel stays, but these added fees add up. In the case of Las Cruces, taxes added $13.42 onto the price of my night’s stay. That’s a “healthy” 16 percent share taken by the government.

Are high taxes costing Las Cruces hotel guests? It’s hard to tell. What we do know is that the City lost jobs over the past year. What is important to know is there is no such thing as a free lunch. Raising taxes in one area will reduce economic activity in another.

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2 Replies to “Stay in Las Cruces: we’ll tax you 16% for the privilege”

  1. Bureaucrats love to tax tourists, they don’t need their votes. In their mind it is like a victimless crime. Check out next time you rent a car at an airport.

    1. Rental cars are the worst. Airport rentals are especially bad, but I never rent cars at airports in New Mexico because I already live here. In fact, the companies have weird rules about renting cars at airports you live near.

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