The Chinese are coming…to New Mexico!

The Rio Grande Foundation’s primary efforts involve altering the policy climate in a more pro-freedom direction. That said, this event is a great opportunity for businesses in our State to engage with potential partners across the globe. A stronger private sector business community could certainly assist our efforts to diversify our economy and develop a more robust private sector. See the information below.

What do you call 200 Chinese entrepreneurs looking for business opportunities in New Mexico? Prospects.

For four days in October, the world’s second largest economy will be visiting New Mexico. We need a welcoming committee.

More than 200 business leaders from The International Chinese Entrepreneur Association and the America China Civic Exchange are coming to New Mexico October 2-5 to explore and develop prospective partnerships with U.S. companies. This annual business summit is normally held in port cities like Los Angeles and Houston, but this year Albuquerque is host, giving New Mexico companies an unprecedented opportunity for both local and global expansion. From manufacturing to media, construction to consulting, entertainment to education and computer programming to food processing, this conference will showcase opportunities to do business in China and help Chinese business leaders find opportunities in the U.S.

Global trade doesn’t just happen; it happens when people meet to exchange ideas. The Chinese are crossing an ocean to pursue opportunities with us; all we have to do is meet them here. See more:

The Rio Grande Foundation is working with businesses across New Mexico to publicize and encourage involvement in this Summit. I invite you and your team to showcase the amazing talent and opportunities in New Mexico. Please share this invitation with others that might have an interest in the opportunity.

I look forward to connecting with you to discuss further.

Let’s Enchant China. Together.

For further information on how you and your business can participate, contact either:

Deborah Burns
investUS LLC
609 Broadway Blvd. NE, #227
Albuquerque, NM  87102
505 246-6902 office
505 264-9845 mobile

Laura Kesselman, CMM
Kesselman-Jones, Inc.
3411 Candelaria Rd. NE, Suite G
Albuquerque, NM  87107
505 266-3451 office


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