The Green Chile Philly Just Got Pricier…

Errors of Enchantment has a simple test to gauge whether a policy change makes sense for Albuquerque: Does it help or hurt DG’s Deli?

By that standard, today is a dark day for the Duke City, as Albuquerque’s gross receipts tax rises from 7.5000 percent to 7.8750 percent.

Thus, the price of a meal at DG’s has gone up. Too bad. The deli is one of the coolest spots in town. Its hipster-retro décor includes checkered, black-and-white floors. Bettie Page, “The Duke,” Marilyn Monroe, Paul Newman, and Audrey Hepburn adorn the walls. (For those born a bit later, the icons are joined by Led Zeppelin, Pee-wee Herman, David Bowie, Ghostbusters, Jeffrey “The Dude” Lebowski, and Tony Soprano.) Located a few blocks north of Central Avenue — Route 66 — and just to the west of UNM, DG’s serves breakfast and lunch, and also caters.

Since 2000, Albuquerque’s GRT burden has risen by an appalling 35.5 percent. To be fair, the state and Bernalillo County are responsible for some of that increase, but city councilors didn’t help things several months back, when they voted for the latest municipal hike, in defiance of common sense, a host of solid budget-cutting options, a rebounding economy, and strong taxpayer opposition.

DG’s will probably survive. It’s been around since 1992. But owner Beverly Sadlowski, her employees, and DG’s customers aren’t likely to benefit from the latest grab by city government’s greedy hand.

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