The left’s pathetic defense of “Democracy Dollars”

If you want to check out a completely inept “defense” of Democracy Dollars (the proposal in Albuquerque’s City election to let leftist groups take over local elections), you need to look no further than today’s Albuquerque Journal.

The authors from OLÉ (the new iteration of the discredited group ACORN) attempt to trash Pat Rogers, specifically his involvement in lobbying for the Santolina project. Just to be clear, the Rio Grande Foundation has criticized subsidies for Santolina, but that doesn’t make Democracy Dollars a good idea.

In fact, the limited defense offered claims (with zero evidence) that children will NOT be included. Read the text of Proposition 2 here. The relevant text is below, but there is NO DEFINITION of “eligible resident” in the ordinance. If they wanted to limit it to “registered voters” or even “legal residents 18 years of age or older” those would have been simple fixes.

Costs are based on a similar program in Seattle.

OLÉ would love to have Democracy Dollars because they could send their paid “volunteers” out to harvest them and then distribute them to candidates of their choosing. Early voting starts Saturday.

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One Reply to “The left’s pathetic defense of “Democracy Dollars””

  1. Sounds to me like the democraps in NM are doing exactly what the idiot democraps in Calif have done, — make it nearly impossible for the voters to make their voices heard. It’s known as voter fraud and it’s as corrupt as anything out there. The demmies are famous for corruption.

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