The Path to Prosperity: 1) Family 2) Education

Wendell Cox’s analysis of the latest U.S. Census Bureau figures on median household income should be required for all those working to improve — and those claiming to work to improve — the lives of New Mexicans:

Despite all the talk of white “privilege”, [sic] it’s actually Asian households that have by far the highest median incomes of the four largest ethnicities. It has been this way for decades, from the very earliest Census Bureau income estimates that separated out Asians. And Asians have been so successful that they are leaving the other large ethnicities “in the dust.”

As the podcaster and cultural commentator Adam Carolla has argued, again and again, a focus on family stability and education (either university-level or vocational) is the path to individual and societal success. So it’s little surprise that America’s Asian community has the lowest out-of-wedlock birth rate (the figure is slightly skewed by the inclusion of Pacific Islanders, who are usually left out of the “Asian” category):

In addition, Asians have the highest share of adults with at least a bachelor’s degree:

Keep the family together, stress the need to attain marketable skills. It’s a pretty simple prescription for human flourishing — no matter what one’s race/ethnicity. Too bad so many in New Mexico see government “investment” as the only tool to reduce poverty, create jobs, and build wealth.

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