Tipping Point New Mexico Episode 020: Dowd and Paul analyze Lujan-Grisham’s and Pearce’s Education Reform Ideas

Paul and Dowd discuss the details of both New Mexico gubernatorial candidates education reform ideas. Not surprisingly, there are big differences between Lujan-Grisham’s and Pearce’s plans.  Paul and Dowd offer their analysis and insights on the plans presented as well as ideas about what true reform might look like.

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5 Replies to “Tipping Point New Mexico Episode 020: Dowd and Paul analyze Lujan-Grisham’s and Pearce’s Education Reform Ideas”

  1. Paul & Dowd:

    Couldn’t open Lujan vs. Pearce article. You need to fix this. Please don’t offer hyphenated last names. Total waste of time.

    1. Steve Pearce will be our next governor. He’s got alot of energy, passion, money and vision. NM has a history of conservative Governors, whether Democrat or Republican. He’s even got the support of Gov. Apodaca!

    2. Steve’s 1st (and only) assignment when elected is to stimulate NM job growth. I said this about Susanna and I’ll say it to him: he needs to hop on a plane every Monday morning, travel out-of-state, and recruit new businesses to set-up-shop in NM. Tell him I’ll go with him and pay my own expenses. NM has so much going for it. Compare NM to NJ, IL, CN, MA, CA etc. etc. etc. It won’t be hard for him to bring 500 businesses to NM along with 10,000 jobs!

    Thanks for your good work.

    John Onstad

    1. Not sure what the issue might have been down. I understand there may have been some issues over the weekend. If you still can’t download the podcast please let me know.

  2. I had no trouble opening the podcast. I found the discussion more a criticism of both “plans” rather than a comparison.

    1. That’s fair enough. Until someone is able or willing to make the clear cut case for dramatic reform to our education system, we’ll probably be more critical than not.

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