Tipping Point New Mexico: Episode 081 Mark Mathis of Clear Energy Alliance

Paul sat down with Mark Mathis of the Clear Energy Alliance. Mathis is a former resident of New Mexico and news reporter. We discuss the role of the media and their biases. Since his days on the evening news Mathis has been working in the energy area, specifically on educating Americans on the importance of energy to their daily lives and how government policies tend to make our lives worse. His videos can be found here.

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One Reply to “Tipping Point New Mexico: Episode 081 Mark Mathis of Clear Energy Alliance”

  1. Love Mark’s videos. I agree with simplistic short messaging and my blog reflects that. All ‘letters to the editor’ deals with only one point at a time.

    For the last 10 years I have written on almost every aspect of nuclear energy from mining of fuel, processing energy and any and all after waste.

    Another person who communicates energy well is Alex Epstein. I would recommend you guys interview him as well. Alex has recently gone with the short message format as well.

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