Tipping Point New Mexico Episode 110: NM Gross Receipts Tax – A Closer Look

On this week’s podcast discussion Paul and Wally take a closer look at the New Mexico Gross Receipts Tax. Why is this tax so problematic? How does the tax inflict harm on New Mexico’s economy while also encouraging the growth of government? Is momentum building for change? The Albuquerque Journal recently editorialized in support of reform.

With New Mexico luxuriating in billions of dollars worth of oil-generated revenues, it is high time to address this economically-harmful tax.

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One Reply to “Tipping Point New Mexico Episode 110: NM Gross Receipts Tax – A Closer Look”

  1. You think Grisham cares one iota what people think? There IS NO Democracy in New Mexico, it’s a simple case of “we got the power” and YOU the little guy will suffer. We got our fefes hurt because YOU didn’t want the food tax!!! So what do we do instead? We simply claim to “lower” your tax burden one way, and take it back another way. That’s what this local GRT tax does, it’s premise is to put money in the pockets of cities. Cities that suffer from gross mismanagement, poor tax burdens (ie: taxing New Mexico residents more than tourists), and flagrant disregard for roads in neighborhoods, sidewalks, and areas not deemed “worthy” of improvement by some committee headed by (insert OLD family name here). All the while gradually shutting down financially beneficial endeavors like oil and gas utilization, land lease agreements, and shifting the tax burden more and more on New Mexicans that barely have enough (many don’t) to eat and simply live.

    This is Democrats for you folks! Taxes and Gun Control, all the while continuing to be tone deaf about rampant inflation, the Great Resignation, and of course the defunding of police and the continued division of our great country!!

    And for what!!!! So that cities who continually waste money can get a bigger check to waste even MORE money? While teachers are the hardest working, lowest paid workers in the nation? That’s some way to lower the bar isn’t it? So in summary, as long as Governor Grisham has a Democratic agenda and a blank check, the only people that will benefit from these draconian taxes will be Hollywood, people who refuse to work, and cities with little to no fiscal responsibility. Please! Close the checkbook and wallet on Governor Grisham!! Tell her and the Democrats that there needs to be fiscal responsibility, and that “more money for more government” will not be accepted by financially strapped families, our elderly and veterans, and the taxpayers of the Great State of New Mexico!! Vote with your minds, not with empty promises and clearly evident track records who make YOU a lot more poorer, and the state government a lot less accountable.

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