To win New Mexico Republicans and their candidates must oppose tax hikes

I know it may seem silly at this point to argue directly to the GOP in New Mexico given their lack of political power in the Land of Enchantment, but the political winds shift and MLG and the “progressives” in control of the New  Legislature show every sign of moving too far to the left.

So, if the GOP is every going to gain the upper hand, they need to present a principled alternative to leftist policies, not a lighter shade of grey. One easy way to draw a clear line in the sand is to clearly state that you will not raise taxes (especially given the size of the budget surplus, but especially given the size of New Mexico government). In 2019 some Republicans caved to calls to raise taxes despite record surpluses. This has frequently been the case over the years. IT NEEDS TO STOP!

The group Americans for Tax Reform has a pledge that can (and should) be signed by ALL candidates of ALL parties running for office. Here is a link to the ATR pledge.  If you are serious about getting elected AND turning New Mexico’s economy around, saying you won’t raise taxes is a good starting point. Since we at the Rio Grande Foundation care mostly about legislators, I have helpfully placed that pledge form below:

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