Trick leave is back, this time in Bernalillo County (You can take action now)

In New Mexico, if the advocates for big government don’t get their way they just keep “asking” until they get the answer they want.

The latest example of this trend comes from the Bernalillo County Commission which is pushing for mandatory paid sick leave to be voted on at their June 25 meeting on June 25. Albuquerque voters defeated a similar sick leave mandate back in the fall of 2017 so now the County is pushing the issue.

Despite the financial advantage held by the advocates (again) we think we can stop them. If you want to send your Commissioner a note in opposition to the latest sick leave mandate, go to or click here. It will only take a few seconds to send the Commission a strong message in opposition to yet another government overreach.

We have made plenty of arguments against mandatory paid sick leave over the years, but this video from John Stossel does a great job of explaining why sick leave mandates don’t achieve their intended results:



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