Voices for bigger government part II

Take a quick look at the Twitter feed of NM Voices for Children and staffers like Bill Jordan and you will find a constant stream of pleas for bigger government, higher taxes, and more spending.

A few samples: Gov. Martinez’ “61 tax cuts forced cuts to education, health care & public safety.”

“Tax cuts do NOT create jobs. New Mexico is a perfect test case. After a billion dollars in tax cuts, our economy is still limping like a mummy… but those tax cuts forced monstrous cuts to K12, higher ed & health care.”

The reality is that according to the Legislative Finance Committee:

Early childhood funding has increased dramatically in recent years


Medicaid spending jumped dramatically from FY 14 to FY 16.

After dropping slightly during the Great Recession, K-12 spending has risen. New Mexico’s K-12 student population has grown little over that time period.

And yes, higher education is down somewhat but attendance has been declining as well. New Mexico also spends 9th-most among US states on higher education. 

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