What are Democracy Dollars Supporters Afraid of (and new website sheds light on issue)

It seems that left-wing advocates of the proposed “Democracy Dollars” ballot measure (proposition 2 on the ballot) would prefer to have as little public debate and discussion on the issue as possible. Rather, they seem to believe that the nice sounding name and generous ballot language (no tax increase!) will carry them to victory. It seems particularly odd that a group of advocates who claim to be so concerned about the influence of “dark money” is also trying to keep voters “in the dark” about the reality of their election changes.

If any leader from one of the myriad groups currently supporting “Democracy Dollars” please send us a note: info@riograndefoundation.org We want to have a public debate on the issues because we believe voters should know both sides of important issues like this one.

At the Rio Grande Foundation we have tremendous concerns about increasing the generosity of public election financing, especially when that involves distributing $25 vouchers to every “resident” of Albuquerque, whatever that means. The addition of even more tax money into the mix will do nothing to keep outside groups and other interests from spending money on election campaigns. In fact, the initiative will empower powerful (predominantly left-wing) groups that have the capacity to collect vouchers for their preferred candidates.

You can read more about the proposal on the Foundation’s website nowaynm.org which we have dedicated to educating Albuquerque voters on this important issue. On Election Day Albuquerque voters should tell local politicians “Go Fund Yourself.”

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