What do those “crazy” Millennials really want?

The local NAIOP chapter today hosted an event during which Millennials discussed what attracts young people to work and stay at given workplaces and in given places.

The Rio Grande Foundation has long held that while each generation is different in its own way, Millennials look for jobs, reasonable living expenses, and other basic requirements before looking for “cultural fulfillment” and other “feel-good” approaches often preferred by economic-development types. After all, who wants to go through the process of slugging it out for six months or more of hard work to reform real public policy (like local Right to Work in Sandoval County to name one) when you can spend more money on bike lanes and museums?

A presentation (see slide below) at today’s NAIOP meeting seems to indicate a push to further promote those “touchy-feely” approaches to attracting Millennials.

After all, it is relatively “un-enchanting” places like Houston, Dallas, and Phoenix (not to mention Midland and Lubbock) that are attracting more and more young people who are leaving New Mexico. So, by all means, let’s keep New Mexico “enchanting,” but a healthy helping of new jobs driven by economic reforms in Santa Fe would be even better.

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  1. I believe neighborhoods make the difference. We need to show Millennials that we can control crime. As president of our neighborhood association, I have established volunteer and hired patrols. APD alone has insufficient resources to control crime. As we move beyond controlling crime, we can focus on beauty and community. Our parks, recreation, and community centers are valuable resources and bring people together in common activities. As we get to know our neighbors, we can support each other in times of need. Raising a generation of educated children with a purpose in life has the potential to eradicate crime at the source.

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