What happened in ABQ election? What will happen next?

The results are in. Tim Keller won in a landslide. He now has a 6-3 veto-proof progressive majority on City Council. What happened? For starters, while I appreciate that crime is a critical issue, I don’t think there was (or could be) a clear-cut approach that voters could get behind. It is hard for average voters to look through conflicting policy ideas and decide which will be most effective in reducing crime.

Yes, the Rio Grande Foundation focuses on economic issues, but on those policies there were clear differences between the candidates. Economics and the local economy were neglected policy issues. Does that mean that some form of sick leave is coming to Albuquerque? I’m afraid so. It probably also means an even higher minimum wage.

The race was also a referendum on Mayor RJ Berry. And, while Lewis attempted to highlight his anti-ART position voters must be forgiven for seeing Lewis as more of a continuation of the status quo on most policy issues.

Is there anything good in terms of economic policy to be gleaned from the union-backed, self-described progressive Keller? His economic plan had a lot to be concerned about, but he did say he’d like to “Reduce red tape in zoning and planning.” This is critically-important as a means of making Albuquerque more attractive. It will not be an easy task.

Ultimately, however, when you have a Republican Mayor (Berry) leading a City that causes business owners to say “I’m not going to do another project in this town ever, ever again” it is clearly time for a more business-friendly approach. If Keller is willing to take on the bureaucracy at City Hall (unlikely, but we’ll hope for the best) we’ll be right there ready to work with and applaud him and his administration.

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3 Replies to “What happened in ABQ election? What will happen next?”

  1. Reducing red tape in zoning and planning will hardly be noticed and completely ineffective if the union backed progessives get their way with minimum wage and other employer mandated requirements. Forget the horror stories around the country involving mandated wages – these people are so stuck on the Obama/Soros train, any common sense they may have had has long left the area.
    Both candidates ahd the same crime solution – hire more cops. What a concept!
    Truth be told, Albuquerque voters are either stupid or completely indifferent.

    1. The real truth? Lack of a well-rounded education system that teaches the basics of art, history, math, music, and science and involves the PARENTS – yes, parents! Since most young folks are trying their best to earn a decent living, it has become the responsibility of civic leaders to maintain basic education with supportive public school and community health care systems. Early identification of those children who lack proper supervision will go a long way to lower poverty and criminal episodes.

  2. Keller’s election means the unions are back in charge. Berry, despite his many faults, did some tough negotiating with the city employee unions and appeared to be gaining some traction. The police union endorsement of Keller probably had less to do with crime-fighting than with union business on the taxpayers’ dime.

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