What happened to Javier Gonzales?

NOTE: In the fast-moving news cycle, it is worth noting that this post was published before allegations of abuse were made against Mr. Gonzales.

Young, good-looking, Hispanic, progressive mayor seeking higher office in blue state. Those are usually descriptions of political success stories, not mysterious failures. I don’t pretend to know what caused former Santa Fe Mayor Javier Gonzales to drop out of the Lt. Gov race , but the ex-Mayor of Santa Fe’s political fortunes have changed dramatically.

As recently as April of 2017 the Mayor was pushing his soda tax-funded pre-K expansion as “the next big thing.” Lots of money flowed into Santa Fe on both sides including more than a million dollars from billionaire Michael Bloomberg in favor of the tax. The soda industry came in with its own money in opposition and the Rio Grande Foundation opposed the tax as well.  As we know, voters in progressive Santa Fe overwhelmingly defeated Gonzales’ soda tax.

The progressive Mayor decided not to run for re-election and instead chose to run for Lt. Gov. He gained the endorsement of the powerful film union “Visions” PAC earlier this year. 

And now Gonzales says he will return to the private sector.

We don’t pretend to know why, but this development leaves us wondering if things would have been different if he’d won on the soda tax. We do laud his shift into productive work as a taxpayer and are always pleased when the favorite candidate of New Mexico’s heavily-subsidized film industry is no longer running. As Paul Harvey might say, we’d love to hear “the rest of the story.”

City leaders eye new taxes, more use of utility reserves (copy)

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4 Replies to “What happened to Javier Gonzales?”

  1. The real story involves manipulation, deceit and pure evil that’s been cast over an entire community. For the last 20 years we have watched Santa Fean face challenges with gentrification, which often times has shown it’s ugly face as colonialism. Our traditions, our values, our history, our culture, and our religion have been infringed upon by an progressive movement that is aggressive and preys on the young uneducated and lost souls for its support. Those who stand up against it are demonized, isolated called names and harassed. This is a play righ out of Saul Alinski’s book titled “Recipe for Radicals.” The Bible of the Progressive movement. It’s interesting how a family’s dark secret has neglected a childs plea for help. That child is now a woman, and her cry for help has turned into a plea for justice. Javier Gonzales this is your life, “It’s time to fess up to your wrongs and liberate yourself and your family from its deep dark secret that’s nearly crippled New Mexico.” The claims have no longer fallen on the deaf ears you control Javier.


    1. although it purportedly happened 30 years ago, the leftist court of public opinion will not condemn him. only if he were a conservative. surprised the journal printed that.

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