Will Santa Fe try to pre-empt RGF lawsuit by changing campaign finance law?

Back in July, the Rio Grande Foundation filed suit against the City of Santa Fe and its campaign finance rules.

While the lawsuit winds its way through the legal system there has been some political wrangling over the City’s campaign finance law. Specifically, as discussed in this New Mexican article, the Santa Fe City Council is considering legislation that it hopes will head off a successful suit. The new ordinance would strip mention of ballot initiatives from the section of the city code covering campaign finance reports.

Will the City act? The Ethics Board and hard-line supporters of mandated campaign finance disclosure like Common Cause are opposed, but it would seem that the very fact this legislation has been introduced in the first place is an indicator that the City’s attorneys believe RGF has a good chance of winning. Either way, we’ll be watching!

Rio Grande Foundation sues over Santa Fe campaign disclosure rule

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3 Replies to “Will Santa Fe try to pre-empt RGF lawsuit by changing campaign finance law?”

  1. Isn’t this issue involved with Tim Keller’s alleged campaign donation violations? I wonder if this action in Santa Fe is designed to help him with his violations.

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