You’re Invited to the world premier of “Not Evil, Just Wrong” in Las Cruces!

New Mexico’s free market think tank, the Rio Grande Foundation, and CARE, the Citizens Alliance for Responsible Energy, are teaming up – along with dozens of organizations nationwide – for a simultaneous, world premier film event.

What: World premier of the film “Not Evil, Just Wrong,” which takes on the conventional wisdom on global warming. We are coordinating with the filmmakers and hundreds of other groups nationwide to qualify this event for the Guinness Book of World Records.
When: On October 18, 2009, at 6pm,
Where: The Las Cruces Allen Theatres Cineport 10 which is located at 700 S. Telshor,
Who: The Rio Grande Foundation and CARE.
Cost: Price of this full-length feature-film event is $8.00.

Global warming remains one of the most controversial issues of our times. Some, like Al Gore, President Obama, and many environmentalists, believe that radical action to curtail emissions must be undertaken immediately; regardless of the impact such actions will have on our economy and way of life.

Others like the makers of “Not Evil, Just Wrong” and the leaders of the Rio Grande Foundation and CARE, question the science behind human-caused global warming, but even more importantly question whether solutions to other, more immediate challenges must be sacrificed in order to minimally impact a supposed problem that has not been directly linked to the death of a single person.

“Not Evil, Just Wrong,” explores the science of global warming with a skeptic’s eye, but it also links the current “crisis” of global warming to other supposed crises that mankind has faced in recent memory. Some like “Y2K” and Africanized honey bees making their way over the Mexican border created temporary panics, but did not really damage our society. Others, like the banning of the pesticide DDT without ample scientific evidence have resulted in millions of unnecessary deaths among the most impoverished peoples on the planet.

The draconian measures that must be undertaken not only here in America, but around the world in order to have a measurable impact on CO2 emissions, like the banning of DDT, will have harmful impacts on all of us, but will disproportionately affect those who can least afford it, the world’s poor.

More information about the film is available at: Come out and enjoy the film, but more importantly, take the film to heart and take action!

For further information contact: Paul Gessing at 505-264-6090 or Marita Noon at 505-239-8998.

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