2015 Payrolls for New Mexico’s Institutes of Higher Education

New Mexico’s Higher Education Payrolls

The Rio Grande Foundation strongly supports open government and transparency. To that end, the Foundation regularly requests public records and posts them online in an effort to make public records more publicly-available. It is our position that all colleges and universities should take the initiative to post this information on their websites (and some do).

The list below is payroll listings from each school for 2015:

Central New Mexico Community College (from their website)

Clovis Community College

Doña Ana Community College

Eastern New Mexico University

Highlands University

Luna Community College

Mesalands Community College

New Mexico Junior College

New Mexico Military Institute (part 1)

New Mexico Military Institute (part 2)

New Mexico State University (from Las Cruces Sun-News)

Northern New Mexico Community College

San Juan College

Santa Fe Community College

University of New Mexico (from their website)

Western New Mexico University

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One Reply to “2015 Payrolls for New Mexico’s Institutes of Higher Education”

  1. We wonder why America (and New Mexico in particular) is not competitive in the world? The UNM coaches and athletic directors are paid more than the lecturers. Many are paid 10 times more than lecturers who have years of experience and advanced degrees in subjects that are valuable to students who want to have a successful career. Our secondary education system is rewarding the wrong people. Our tax dollars are being given away to people who do almost nothing to further higher education.

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