284 Tipping Point NM episode 284: Bruce Bunker – The Mythology of Global Warming, Climate Change Fiction vs. Scientific Facts

On this week’s interview, Paul talks to Bruce Bunker about the science of climate change. Bunker is a chemist who studied the issue at Sandia National Labs. His professional work led him to write the book “The Mythology of Global Warming: Climate Change Fiction vs. Scientific Facts.” Bunker takes a scientific approach to the issue of man-cause climate change and the idea that it will have serious, negative repercussions for the planet or for humanity.

The RGF’s expertise is not “science.” We don’t research or comment on the science of topics like climate change, but Bunker IS an expert and this is an important and timely interview given all the policy decisions being made in New Mexico and Washington on the assumption that climate change is an existential crisis.