3 Lies about the Wisconsin Recall

I may take some heat for this in the comments section, but I believe the biggest election in the country this year is in Wisconsin on June 5. Scott Walker has adopted reforms that, while certainly not radical (FDR opposed government labor unions, after all), are direly needed to put the states on firm fiscal footing. Yes, eventually New Mexico will have to follow suit if it is going to ever succeed economically. Anyway, our friends at Reason have put together a short video on “3 Lies about the Wisconsin Recall” that is posted below. Some of the hate-filled songs about Walker make me wonder where that “civility” in political discourse went.

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3 Replies to “3 Lies about the Wisconsin Recall”

  1. I agree. There is no better time than now to make NM a Right to Work State. With organizations like Freedomworks, our own Republican governor and a newly electected Republican NM House Of Representitives it will be tough but it will put pressure on progressive liberals when they are weak. Let’s kick them while they are down.

  2. Exactly! I am leaving soon for work in Wisconsin as NM has dug to deep of a ditch (acequia) to dig out of for several years despite a positive direction by the Gov’ The entrenched, liberal establishment and similar thinking RINO’s are crippling this State, securing the dependence on the few Federal sites that keep NM barely solvent. The Unions and liberal/socialistic directions have made education here a joke!

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