Federal spending is the problem, not the solution

With all of the talk about another so-called “stimulus,” could it be that out-of-control spending is the cause of our economic problems, not the solution to them?

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2 Replies to “Federal spending is the problem, not the solution”

  1. Whether its bailing-out corporate behemoths, like AIG, in order for it to payout the sell option bets placed on the predicted failure of high risk bundled mortgage instruments, like those bets placed by Goldman Sachs (Former U.S. Treasury Dept. Secretary, Hank Paulson’s former employer), against the advice that it gave to its very own clients, or, bailing out the inflated structured costs of union benefits packages, negotiated by GM, at the expense of corporate bond holder investors, Big Brother and Big Siss continue to drive-on with their big spending habits.

    Previous circumstances were dictated by our politician’s use of Fannie, Freddie and the Community Reinvestment Act, in order to create a catastrophic financial failure…and please, do tell us, who exactly did they help…besides themselves?

    Under the current circumstances, more spending begets more debt, and more debt begets more taxes, and more taxes beget more central control and decision making over all our lives. And by the way the problem still remains. We’ve seen what big brother and big siss are capable of, and no one, not, the Wall Streeter’s, the Tea Partier’s, the college students, the unconnected corporate CEOs, or the Union’s majority membership base, is impressed with the sight of what has and continues to be done on their behalf, or in their names. Political greed is killing a nation in need, and we need our Politian’s to do the job that we intended for them to do when WE elected them.

    It’s a competitive world that we live in, and no one really cares about who did it, the context of the stupidity that got us here, or that it’s everyone and everything else’s fault…but we can sure go there if anyone’s itching to have the point made in disturbing fashion…better bring a cup and cover up your ego.

    What you need to understand, is that we’re sick of making excuses for you and we’re ready for this foolishness to stop, right now! And printing more money, with less and less value, only to continue to throw it down a hole, rather than to responsibly go about fixing the problems, is just that, it’s stupid. However, and despite the attempts by a few useful idiots, who think their being slick and who label themselves as being right, left or center, to keep the rest us in the dark and ignorant…we are not being slick with you, and we are not stupid.

    We’ve seen how our efforts and money are wasted (e.g., Solyndra), how our lives are being placed in ruin, while you vacation at the vineyards, and we know who ends up paying the price for establishment decision making.

    We have a message of our own for you:

    Hey, you big, dumb, lazy, bureaucratic skunks…Get your filthy hands off of our pocketbooks, cease and desist from handing out any more of our earnings to your crony socialist kickback failure friends, unshackle our businesses and workforce, and step away from our children’s, children’s piggy banks, now!!!

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