Ladies for Liberty Indeed!

If you haven’t already purchased your tickets for our upcoming luncheon on Margaret Thatcher on the 25th, our reception in Santa Fe later that day, and our breakfast in Albuquerque on Tuesday, you need to do so by Monday in order to get the best price.

More noteworthy is that it is women who are leading the charge for liberty here in New Mexico. It has been well-documented that we have the nation’s first Latina Governor, a conservative, but even in the Legislature, women are showing a strong resolve to vote for freedom. With just a day or so remaining in the 2013 legislative session, I logged on to our “Freedom Index” vote tracking site and noticed that the top five legislators in terms of pro freedom votes are ALL women. Reps. Herrell, Brown, Crook, Ezzell, and Espinoza currently hold the first five slots in the analysis of the voting patterns of New Mexico’s legislators when it comes to pro/anti liberty issues.

As if having such a strong contingent of pro-liberty women in the Legislature were not enough, I have always been struck by the large number of women who lead business and industry groups around New Mexico. Here is a (partial), by no means exhaustive list of women who lead pro-freedom, pro-business organizations in New Mexico (if I’m missing anyone, email me at

Terri Cole, Albuquerque Chamber;
Beverlee McClure, Association of Commerce and Industry;
Carol Wight, New Mexico Restaurant Association;
Minda McGonagle, National Federation of Independent Businesses New Mexico;
Karin Foster, Independent Petroleum Association of New Mexico;
Carla Sonntag, New Mexico Business Coalition
Marita Noon, Citizens Alliance for Responsible Energy
Lynne Anderson, NAIOP