60 Minutes: insider trading in Congress

The following is an excellent story by the show 60 Minutes that details how Members of Congress use the information they are privy to as such to buy and sell stocks and other financial instruments:

Of course, if you read this blog, you’d know that New Mexico Sen. Jeff Bingaman has become a very wealthy man based on his time in Congress. He’s by no means the only one in Congress to have done so.

Memo to the “Occupy” movement: “The real 1% reside in Washington (or at least the DC suburbs)!”

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2 Replies to “60 Minutes: insider trading in Congress”

  1. GREAT PEICE OF JOURNALISM FROM 60 MINUTES! Why do we keep voting these guys back into office? Why are their no term limits? Why don’t they have to follow the laws and rules they make for the rest of us? I’ll ask my congressmen to support the “Stock Act”.

  2. Get them out, take away their pensions and healthcare and treat them like criminals. File civil suits. It is obvious that the interests of the people has become the interests of the insider.

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