A Government Shopping List

Out enjoying the gross receipts tax holiday this weekend, but confused about which items are exempt? Be sure to bring a shopping list–in this case, the state’s 7-page list of taxable and nontaxable items.
You’re going to need it…
Belts aren’t taxed, but the buckles are if sold separately. Bowling shirts aren’t taxed, but bowling shoes are. Sweat suiits and sweatpants are tax free, but forget about the sweatbands. Golf clothing isn’t taxed, and neither are most gloves, except for golf gloves which are still taxed. If you’re cold, ear muffs aren’t taxed but hand muffs are. Neckware such as ties and scarves are tax free, but you’ll pay taxes to tie a new bandana or handkerchief around your neck. Antique clothing will be taxed if you don’t wear it, but won’t be if you do. I could go on like this forever.
This would all be so much simpler if the tax holiday was applied across the board to all goods and services.