A laugh at the expense of battery powered cars

Funny stuff from Saturday Night Live a few years back. While your basic AA battery won’t wind up in your car, the idea that battery-powered cars are somehow inherently “green” or that a massive shift of our electrical grid to “renewables” with massive battery backup makes sense or is good for the environment are myths.

Check out the following and enjoy a good laugh while realizing that the underlying issue is very serious:

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One Reply to “A laugh at the expense of battery powered cars”

  1. I have a 2013 Chevy Volt & have used the battery only a dozen times. The charge voltage is not available to me in my apartment – it really requires a garage port really since the reqs are 120 or 240 to charge it. And you need to plug it in daily.
    The Volt has been a very good car for me. Steady mileage, really reliable engine (only one major repair in the 7 years I’ve had it.) The warranty covered it all. I’ve still not reached 100K!
    Thing is, I only get about 50 miles to a complete battery charge. So it isn’t worth stressing over – I live in New Mexico…
    There’s good & bad in all. I bought the Volt cuz I wanted a small, nice-looking reliable vehicle – I wasn’t familiar w/electric cars much & never thought to be controversial… There’s a place for my Volt as well as the biggest SUV runabout.

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