A market-based solution to the higher education mess (that circumvents politicians)

Higher education is a mess. Here in New Mexico it is clearly unsustainable as a line-item in the budget and nationally the cost is growing faster than almost any important good purchased by large numbers of people:

Enter Praxis which essentially moves to replace the costly (in both time and money) traditional college diploma with an apprenticeship program. The program (started by a libertarian young man named Isaac Morehouse), touts an average starting salary at a real job of $50K annually and a 98% placement rate all after 9 months in the program.

Morehouse recently appeared on Tucker Carlson’s show on Fox News to discuss the program:

At a time when the New Mexico Legislature seems hell-bent on making life more difficult for businesses and entrepreneurs, Praxis is a reminder that sometimes the best way to deal with bloated, expensive, and inefficient government is to just go around them.

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  1. Depends on how the mission of higher education is perceived, Paul. The apparent mission of New Mexico colleges is to erect buildings and create jobs for faculty and administrators. Whether students are educated in the process is incidental.

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