A Michael Moore film worth watching?????

Don’t get any ideas. We haven’t gone “Corona Crazy” at the Rio Grande Foundation. We vehemently disagree with Michael Moore almost across the board. But his new documentary Planet of the Humans, (which is embedded below and can be viewed for free)  contains a stunning evisceration of so-called green energy and the people profiting from it. It was released on April 21st for free viewing on YouTube .

Much of the early portion of the movie (an hour or so) amounts to a well-done takedown of “green” policies like New Mexico’s Energy Transition Act. In other words, leftists DO understand the real drawbacks to “clean” energy in the sense that they actually wind up being more polluting than the original fossil fuels they purport to replace.

The  film approaches the environment from a position to the LEFT of the “mainstream” environmental movement.  You won’t agree with it, but it is NOT made for you. Send it to your liberal friends. They can’t turn down Michael Moore, right?

For more on Planet of the Humans, James Delingpole has a great column on Breitbart and the Washington Times has published an excellent article by Valerie Richardson. The Guardian’s review is also worth reading.