A Reminder: Sign Petition to Support Albuquerque Businesses!

A few weeks ago, we at the Rio Grande Foundation started circulating this petition in response to the unfair attacks upon them by the Los Angeles-based Southwest Regional Council of Carpenters. The union is stationing small numbers of “protesters” in front of local businesses with banners stating “Shame on…” for something the business is doing that the union doesn’t like. The Rio Grande Foundation is urging supporters to actively visit businesses that have been targeted by the Union.

Please sign the petition, send it to your friends and other concerned citizens, and send the names of locations of businesses that have been targeted and thus deserve support to info@riograndefoundation.org. The current list of businesses is available here.

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4 Replies to “A Reminder: Sign Petition to Support Albuquerque Businesses!”

  1. Shame on you anti-capitalistic, Progressive, Socialistic, Marxist swine. May you and Andy Stern and the diabolic troika in D.C. learn together what Hell is about! Aux Barricades!!

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