A vast majority of states DO NOT mandate masks indoors

Unless you travel around the nation on a regular basis it may be hard to understand just how restrictive New Mexico is relative to other states on the COVID 19 issue. The following map from MultiState illustrates the situation quite clearly. Only six states in the entire country (not including “bluest of the blue California and New York) have true statewide mask mandates indoors that include vaccinated individuals.

Amazingly Michelle Lujan Grisham’s top health advisor has said that masks may be mandated for years to come in New Mexico. 

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4 Replies to “A vast majority of states DO NOT mandate masks indoors”

  1. I’m definitely leaving NM if these restrictions continue and I’m sure anyone in their right mind would’t more here if they are aware of continuing restrictions. Masks are useless.

    1. “Masks are useless.”??? Did you miss grade-school science? Since they’re “useless” Mr. Mooney, I guess you wouldn’t mind your surgeon, nurses and other O.R. staff not wearing a mask when they open you up.

      Got it.

      Please! Do live up to your word and leave.

      1. With all due respect the masks deployed by trained medical professionals and with their training as to how to deploy the masks is FAR different from the cloth or store-bought masks 99% of people use. And even an appropriate N95 needs to be replaced quite often in addition to being worn as trained.

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