ABQ Calvary Church pastor “gets it” on MLG’s COVID rules

With New Mexico’s Gov. Lujan Grisham having imposed a mask mandate and pushing HARD for New Mexicans to get vaccinated, the pastor of Calvary Church in Albuquerque, Skip Heitzig has put out a strong, principled statement in support of individual freedom. We wish that more community leaders had such a strong, principled stance.

RGF’s president regularly appears on the radio show ABQ Connect hosted by Jim Williams on 88.3 FM.

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24 Replies to “ABQ Calvary Church pastor “gets it” on MLG’s COVID rules”


    1. I’m pretty positive that a fair number of people that go to Calvary are Democrats given that we’re talking about Albuquerque. Also, I’ve never heard him or anyone say that you can’t wear a mask to his Church or that you shouldn’t get the vaccine. It IS most definitely about OUR freedom.

    2. Thank you Pastor Skip! You represent true leadership, speaking the truth in love!! I stand with you and there are many others as well. Yes, freedom to choose. Together we will stand for what is right and just and fair.

      1. No. This is the USA. It is about our freedom and the right to have a personal choice against an experimental drug. It is your choice to get it. It is my choice not to get it.

    3. How you can turn what he said into something ugly is mind boggling. Hatred for democrats? Ridiculous. You’ve an ax to grind obviously. You don’t like him? Are you forced to attend his church? No? Then don’t go. Just as you are not forced to attend his church, those that do have the freedom to choose what is right for them. Your neighbors are also not forced to attend. It’s called American RIGHTS and our freedom to choose. Shame on you.

    4. Endangering in what sense? You do know that the experimental medical procedure you are referring to does nothing to the body but damage it immensely in more ways than one. Educate yourself and make a proper informed consent for yourself. You have absolutely no right in dictating what another human should put into their bodies. To think this is the cure to ‘the community’ is reckless.

      1. So exactly what immense damage are you speaking of. I see no data anywhere other than reckless speculation from news sources such as fox news , msnbc,cnn, etc. No major medical damage that i can see. Sure there have been some reactions but no more than any other vaccine. Did you get your children vaccinated for school. Polio,mmr,chicken pox,etc. Have you ever taken a flu shot or a tetanus shot. This has been made political and has caused nothing but rebellion from both sides which by the way the bible says is as witchcraft. James says to those that know to do good and do it not is sin. When the scribes asked Jesus what the greatest commandment was, do you remember what he said and the 2nd? Be careful the stance you take as you might be sentencing someone else to a possible death sentence. The sanctity of life does not end in the womb. And yes i follow the Lord Jesus Christ and trust in HIM for my eternal security not the united states of america or your rights. Do what Christ asked and put others before your selves

    5. Sounds to me like Skipper was just encouraging people to make their own decisions and that they will not discriminate based on those decisions. There was no hatred in his statement against anyone or any political affiliation. So what the hell are you talking about John Martinez?

    1. Surgeons are in close contact with patients, often with open wounds. They also are trained to use N95 masks correctly and replace them regularly. Much different situation from the cloth masks and others that people are wearing.

  2. Do whatever you want. But if you choose not to get vaccinated or wear a mask, sign a waiver that says you will not be hospitalized if you get Covid.
    And, make sure to argue about whether or not to wear a shirt when you walk into a store or if you need to wear shoes when you walk into a store or if you need to wear a seatbelt when you get in the car or if a child needs to get in a car sest when they get in the car etc. etc. etc. Lord please stop it.

    1. Stores can and should be able to have their own policies. The Governor should not be making these personal decisions on our behalf.
      BTW, vaccines ARE effective. We don’t believe in mandates, but they work. Masks really don’t, especially on our children in school which is what I truly care about.

  3. This pastor is leading his sheep to slaughter! He is endangering lives by his callous indignation towards The Governor. He obviously is not pro life!

    1. Based on allowing individual choice? If you don’t want to attend the church you can watch online. In all seriousness, how is he putting anyone at risk who is not willingly taking that risk?

  4. Thank you for standing up for our freedom Pastor! I am so glad to know someone is! This is My Body My Choice! MLG wants to vaccinate so be it but if someone doesn’t want to, then they should have that same choice!

  5. I completely support his stance. This is America and no one has the right to take away my freedom. I just wish libertards understood that. Unfortunately, they have never understood facts and logic and instead are sheeple believing all the false information spewed by the dumbocraps.

  6. People are so easily swayed. If you don’t want the vaccine that’s our problem. The Pastor is speaking on alot of our behalfs. Why the intensity Once everyone is poisoned they can start to operate some type of control. It’s Diabolical!

  7. Much scientific data shows major concern against these newer mRNA type vaccines. The CV 19 vaccines are in this group.
    For one… the biggest concern is the distribution of spike proteins produced by the body as a result of the vaccines.
    They are entering the blood stream where they can cause clotting, among other side-effects.
    With thousand of documented deaths and major injures from the CDC, (many life long). So, Covid 19 Vaccines are dangerous and deadly to many.
    Why, aren’t we having a real civil debate with real doctors pro and con?
    Well, you have to think one reason is that big Pharma isnt accountable and can’t be sued for any adverse effects including deaths.
    First of all these vaccines should never be mandated and stopped being used.
    At the least one should have a choice.
    This is more about control and big money…then a health issue.

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