ACT NOW!: ABQ City Council to consider anti-gun measures at meeting on September 9

Several measures are being discussed for final passage at Albuquerque City Council at their next meeting which (because of the Labor Day Holiday) is being held on September 9.

The potential measures are as follows:

1) The City Council would request the State Legislature place an amendment to the New Mexico Constitution on the ballot that would repeal a 1986 voter-passed amendment that restricted local government efforts to restrict gun rights.

2) The second ordinance would ban firearms from all CABQ property which includes buildings owned or leased by the City, community centers, and a large number of other City facilities.

3) The third ordinance would create mandatory storage laws for firearms kept in homes and vehicles. It is hard to see exactly how the City would enforce such laws without some kind of illegal search, but the entire ordinance is ill-conceived.

Click here to contact the Council.

Albuquerque city councilors file three new gun bills | KRQE News 13

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25 Replies to “ACT NOW!: ABQ City Council to consider anti-gun measures at meeting on September 9”

  1. I would be happy to tell my story. I have been a victem of crime here in albuquerque. I have had terrible things happen to me here. In albuquerque nm. Crime is out of control. I have recently requested help from Tom Udall to assist me. I am opposed to removing protection from citizens. I have been a victem of rape robbery abuse and more. I would be honored if you would let me tell my story thank you Jennifer gomez Schoenholzer.

  2. These proposed ordinances will do nothing to stop criminals. Criminals break laws… that’s what they do. The proposed ordinances will only affect law abiding citizens who already do what they must to stay in compliance. Instead why not enforce the laws we already have and hold violent criminals severely accountable for their actions.

  3. Thank you. I did email my and all the other councilors.

    Total ignored by mine and others except the councilor for District 4 who is supportive.

  4. Fact: these proposed gun laws only hurt law abiding citizens and does nothing to deter criminals. Please don’t hurt the law abiding citizens of Albuquerque New Mexico!

  5. Enough of these cowards who hate our sacred rights to defend ourselves! Any law they pass is illegal as it is indirect opposition to the constitution of the United States which New Mexico is allegedly part of.

  6. I do not see a point to these ordinances they are just polital fodder to try and swing votes. We the people of Albq. & N.M. already voted to stick with our constitution and the Constitution of the United States there is no need to change anything. There is overwhelming documentation and statistics to show that control laws do absolutely nothing to curb crime or violence that is part of the human condition, a gun is just a . What the ordinaces and laws do control though is the ability of the average American to protect, feed & enjoy ones given right to that tool & so on & sobon!!! It is a right given to us in the constitution and the creator and no do gooder in local or national government should decide the way I should protect myself because we know the police can’t when it really comes down to it and it is not the governments job to do so. its the governments job to protect the country and it is every Americans right to protect the country from other governments & are own!!!
    Thank you for letting one mans opinion be herd.
    sincerly- Alejandro

    1. Thank you for your comments! I hope the ABQ City Council will not act. If they do that will set the stage for other NM cities AND ultimately the progressives in the Legislature.

  7. The end game for these people is the confiscation of most guns and the registration and control of any they may approve of. These are just the first steps. If we let the socialist Democrats have total control they will fundamentally change our state and country. It will not be a free nation anymore.

      1. J: Do not be a typical democrat and not know what the candidates of your party have been saying for years. Democrats are antigun; pro killing babies; against conservative values; Anti-capitalist socialists; and they have been saying it for years. Saying what you did shows blatant ignorance or plain stupidity. You are what is wrong with our country.

  8. I have had an actual event in my home where my firearm was drawn. The individual left my home while the police were on the line. I wonder what would have happened if I had not been able to defend myself.
    It will be a horrific event when good citizens hands are tied by local laws. Our crime in the city is bad enough why make things harder for citizens.

  9. Leave what’s left of our gun rights alone. Enforce our existing gun laws. Put criminals behind bars instead of trying to make legal gun owners into felons.

    Hopefully, this is the kind of abuse of power that will lead to the next “Red Wave”. Maybe even here in Blue NM.

  10. I have e mailed the city councelors. My sister was shot and killed earlier this year. Most people think that my family would be anti gun , but that is not the case. We fully believe in our God given right to protect ourselves and stand our ground. More gun laws dont stop crime because criminals dont abide by the laws. Prosecute those who do gun crimes . We will not live in fear of these criminals , because our God and our guns comfort us.

  11. It’s time to stop the left-wing liberals from taking control of our lives. If they do not want to live in a free country they are more than welcome to move out

  12. This is not a Republican or Democratic issue. It is an amendment issue. Most law abiding citizens who own guns are not the problem. It’s how easy it is to purchase a gun in the black market complicated by allowing individuals who commit crimes with guns to go free. Let’s make crimes committed with guns an offense that mandates time in prison with no plea bargaining allowed. Criminal Justice needs reform at all levels not the gun laws that ensure our safety and rights.

    1. BULL! Come on HD. This certainly is a “democrat” issue. The laws you want are already on the books. Democrats just don’t enforce them. This is just a blatant gun grab issue by socialist dems. Also, the justice system does need reform. It needs to be tougher. If you enforced the laws you would not even need background checks.

  13. Why in the world would a city try so hard to become Nazis. The first thing you do in a totalitarian government is to ban firearms. Please vote against all bills mandating government control of firearms in our city.

  14. I can only imagine that those that are proposing such legislation on the Constitution and on second amendment gun rights are the very criminal ringleaders themselves doing their best to do remove normal citizens of the very right to protect themselves against the criminals who do not follow laws and rules within our state and borders. In my recommendation that those that are pushing this behavior should be removed from their offices immediately.

  15. With all the current chaos, destruction and anarchy by LAW BREAKERS/CRIMINALS and the Albuquerque city council
    wants to focus on the law abiding citizens?
    What the heck is wrong with these idiots?

  16. These ordinances only hurt law abiding citizens. This won’t stop the criminals from doing what they do. They are criminals and they will break the law. They should be held more accountable for their actions. It’s so easy for criminals to get fire arms then get away with it. For those of us who had to go through the process of legally owning one should not be held accountable for their actions! Most of us have it for protection and that’s it. Some may not understand. If something were to happen where we would have to protect our self there is the time from when the police is called and on their way (in which feels like forever) to the point when they arrive. Anything could happen between that time. We should be able to protect ourselves and family

  17. The Counselors only want to pass these laws to make it look like they are protecting those that cant think for themselves. I own one of the largest electronic security companies in NM. These new proposed laws will help our company sell electronic security and camera systems. Right up to the point you look back and understand that Pat Davis wants to cut off Albuquerque Police Department services to anyone that operates a Security System! We need to vote them out of office!!!

  18. The hyprocrisy of The Left knows no bounds. The communist/socialists have taken over the reins of the Democratic Party. The Party apparatchiks and their minions have already shown how they plan to intimidate the good people who actually (try to) work and/or run a business in major cities around the country that they run, and Albuquerque is no exception. Their definition of “peaceful” protest defies logic. The Left controls the mainstream media, so we are being relentlessly propagandized. With the First Amendment largely suborned, it is no surprise that they are coming after The Second Amendment in order to leave the average, hard-working citizens of all races defenseless against their mobs. The Second Amendment is not about protecting hunting. It is about enabling We the People to prevent government overreach. This proposition is an example of The Left’s desire to make criminals out of law-abiding citizens while letting violent criminals free “for their health safety”.

  19. good morning, any measures that go against our Constitution and our civil rights is treasonous. Anyone who goes against our 2nd amendment is a traitor to this country and a sellout to China. please rethink where your loyalties are! thank you

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