ABQ Journal does write-up on Mississippi education success

At the Rio Grande Foundation we’ve been talking about Mississippi’s astonishing education success since May of 2021. ┬áBut, the Journal article is worth a read. New Mexico is indeed doing some of the things that Mississippi did to train teachers on phonics-based education.

There is also the lack of willingness by the unions in New Mexico to embrace ending 3rd grade social promotion as was advocated during the Susana Martinez administration. And, there is the usual bellyaching about teaching Native American kids.

Regardless, it is a solid article. The author could have given more credit to Susana Martinez for proposing a system that worked to achieve many of the same goals in reading education, but were stymied by the unions and legislative Democrats.

Anyway, will the Legislature and Lujan Grisham push hard enough to achieve Mississippi-style results? Only time will tell. If they hadn’t stood in the way of Martinez, we could already be seeing these results.