ABQ purchases property for “open space” and lets it sit accumulating graffit

From federal lands to national monuments and even city parks and open space, government is often seen as an ideal protector of lands and the environment. So often left-wing environmentalists (there are free market environmentalists like the author) believe that giving the government more control and power will result in better outcomes than market forces.

One example (of many) of government failure involves the Poole Estate on the West Side of Albuquerque. As the sign below (marked by extensive graffiti) notes, nearly three years ago the City purchased the Poole Estate on the West Side, just East of Coors.

Sadly, nothing has really been done with the place. So, while it sits, graffiti “artists” get to work. The photos below are a tiny portion of the graffiti that has taken over the walls that once outlined the Poole property.

The City could remove all the graffiti tomorrow (a start), but why after three long years has nothing been done with the property?