AG King: are you serious?

New Mexico Watchdog Jim Scarantino takes Attorney General Gary King to task for his unwillingness to prosecute State Rep. Ray Begaye for his outright fraud on travel reimbursements. It is hard to imagine anyone wanting to do business in New Mexico when the man entrusted with enforcing our laws is unwilling to prosecute such blatant cases of law breaking by its elected officials.

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3 Replies to “AG King: are you serious?”

  1. Weird how Jim didn’t put the thoughts of Gadi Schwartz who showed that Scarantino’s previous opinions on the issue were wrong.

    And funny that Scarantino didn’t actually speak to any lawyers about the law that Begaye technically did not break. Not to excuse Begaye, but Scarantino again doesn’t let the facts get in the way of attacking a Democratic lawmaker.

    All while enjoying the benefits of a tax-free status. Libertarianism, everyone!

    1. Scarantino IS a lawyer, albeit not a practicing one. And besides, the law is pretty straightforward on the issue.

      Lastly, Begaye was one of the best Democrats in the Legislature. He has been a real leader on school choice and has supported energy development on Navajo lands. He is hardly the first guy we would want to pick a fight with, but the law is the law.

  2. It’s pretty amazing that Gary King was unwilling to do anything in this case, stating that “technically” he didn’t break any NM Law! Since when is stealing taxpayer money not in violation of our laws?! This is just one more example of the corruption that is rampant in our State Government.

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