AG Torrez weighs in: New Mexico supports government censorship

Should the federal government have the ability to lean on social media companies to censor what is said by everyday Americans on the most important issues? That’s going to be addressed in the months ahead, possibly by the US Supreme Court in: Missouri v. Biden. 

Recently, a federal judge likened the government’s use of social media censorship to the “United States Government (having)
assumed a role similar to an Orwellian “Ministry of Truth.'” Sadly, as per the post below, New Mexico’s (relatively) new AG has decided that: “yes indeed, the federal government should be in the business of censorship.” That message has been conveyed through a “friend of the court” or amicus brief which you can see below.

While fighting crime is rightfully the most important role of NM’s AG, the office has broad power to lend support or opposition to various legal issues. Sadly, NM’s Torrez is apparently not a fan of the 1st Amendment: