Again with the education “cuts” from ABQ Journal

It certainly isn’t true that all teachers are left-wing liberals, but it certainly seems that the most vocal ones are. So, we are treated to the latest, thinly-veiled political diatribe by a teacher on the supposed need to raise taxes to spend more on education.

I have already written extensively on the topic of K-12 funding here. To see how much spending has increased over and above inflation on a per-pupil basis since the early 1990s, click here (the number is about 33%). Nationally (and I’m sure NM isn’t much different), the ratio of teacher to pupil is about half what the author cites:

Most importantly, I believe, while the writer cites the supposed need for reform, he gives absolutely no specifics. Nor does he give any justification for his view that vouchers have “failed.” The fact is that vouchers have not failed. They may not be a panacea, but they have had success when they have been tried (over the stern objections of teachers unions).

Another reform option is virtual schools. To learn more about that, I hope you’ll attend our upcoming luncheon on July 29.

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  1. Have u seen that story on the failure of merit pay for teachers in NY? I am trying to find the specifics, as there have been other broader and more exhaustive studies performed that shows merit pay does work.

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