Alamogordo’s “essential air” boondoggle

Recently, I discussed the (unwarranted) optimism I had about Congressional Republicans’ efforts to eliminate the so-called “Essential Air Service” (EAS) program. Rob Nikolewski over at Capitol Report did some further analysis of flights into and out of Alamogordo, NM, a city that “benefits” from the EAS program.

Among his findings:

Only 374 people hopped aboard flights in Alamagordo in 2010. That’s an average of just 1.2 passengers per service day;

The US government sends some $1.6 millon in subsidies to airlines providing service to Alamogordo, so that works out to $3,126.57 per ticket (not counting the out of pocket price of between $70 to $90 each passenger pays for a one-way flight).

Almost makes the Rail Runner look like a good deal! If Congress can’t eliminate this narrowly-targeted and relatively small (within the scope of the federal budget) subsidy, how are they going to deal with Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security?

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2 Replies to “Alamogordo’s “essential air” boondoggle”

  1. Social Security ! Remember when no one could dip into its fund ! NO Well good ol L B J Democrat poshed through with Democrats help ( Condress ) to unlock the so called lock-box containing SS s Money . Wouldn’t doubt that some of SS s money isn’t paying for Moocheles Expensive vacations LOL

  2. Boy did I fat finger the spelling on the last comment . Need to put on my glass’es oh well guess the message gets across .

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