Albuquerque called 2nd-least-competitive metro area in new report

According to a new report from a group called Economic Modeling Specialists, Albuquerque has been the 2nd least competitive metro area since 2010. The report relies on a concept called “shift share” with which I was not previously familiar and I’m not sure that the report effectively describes the economic reality in Albuquerque, but it is most definitely relevant that we were ranked 99th out of 100 metros.

Richard Florida has an article about this at The Atlantic.

The same outfit did an analysis of the 50 states recently and New Mexico did not fare especially well in that either. Not surprisingly, Texas ranked highly.

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2 Replies to “Albuquerque called 2nd-least-competitive metro area in new report”

  1. Before we blame the mayor or any other local political leaders, give me your thesis. What is the mayor doing or not doing to cause this issue? I’m not even sure I agree with this report’s findings, but laying blame is even trickier, especially since he strikes me as having been a business-friendly steward of the people’s money.

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