Albuquerque continuing to buy buses from failing, bankrupt bus company that can’t provide parts for Wyoming fleet

The City of Albuquerque’s troubled bus system is (like the State) in the process of “electrifying its fleet. After they failed with “Build Your Dreams” the City went with fossil fueled buses, but Mayor Keller hasn’t given up on his dreams of “electrifying” the City’s bus fleet.

The City has 5 buses in its fleet and is planning to purchase another 20 from the bankrupt Proterra bus company by 2026. There are inherent risks involved with buying expensive and complicated products from bankrupt companies. According to a report from the Heartland Institute the bus manufacturing company has caused serious problems in Wyoming:

Eight electric buses purchased by Southern Teton Area Rapid Transit (START) have broken down, and when any of the vehicles will be up and running again is anyone’s guess. Help is not going to be on its way anytime soon because California-based Proterra, the company that manufactured the defective buses, has declared Chapter 11 bankruptcy. Once a darling of the Biden administration’s vaunted “energy transition,” the company cannot say when – if ever – spare parts will come to the rescue.

It would seem that the City might want to find another company to provide its buses (electric or not). Perhaps Proterra’s sorry track record will convince them?

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