Albuquerque Full of Government Bureaucrats

According to a new report, Albuquerque is among the metropolitan areas areas in the nation most heavily-populated by government workers. According to the report, The Duke City has 21.58 percent of its workforce employed by the public sector.

This does not include Sandia Labs and other government contractors that are NOT direct employees of a government agency. The findings are no surprise to us at the Rio Grande Foundation. After all, New Mexico as a state is more reliant on federal largess than any other state. We’ve also found that New Mexico has the second most state and local workers (relative to private sector workers) in the nation.

We can only go so far with a government-focused economy. Ultimately, it is up to the next Governor (and Legislature) and Mayor Berry to make New Mexico and Albuquerque attractive to potential businesses. This includes low, flat, and fair taxes and regulations. It also includes improving our dreadful educational performance and public safety.