Albuquerque minimum wage hike fail makes national news

I’m not sure how the dozens of people involved in circulating and thousands of people who signed the petition demanding an increase in the minimum wage in Albuquerque missed it, but the effort is on the verge of being sunk by some faulty language in the petition itself. This article comes from Yahoo! news.

Now, if there was merely a letter out of place or a minor punctuation issue, I could see the courts going along with the ballot measure for the fall election, but the issue here is far more profound and alters the actual meaning of the measure to the point where it is unworkable. We already know that raising the minimum wage is bad policy, but the decision to include or not include it on the ballot must be made quickly, by Tuesday the 11th of September. This snafu, unless the courts bend over backwards for this liberal cause, could at least force the groups to collect accurate petitions and submit them for a future election. I have no doubt that they’ll be back.

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  1. Well, well, well…I’m not at all surprised that this particular group of minds would create, circulate and even sign a petition that is worded to impose the exact opposite effect of what they have otherwise been lead to believe would be imposed on Albuquerque employers and small businesses. It’s ironic, its kismet and its equally incompetent, but it’s not at all surprising.

    It is a true shame that these petitioners have misinformed and misrepresented the intent of their language, within their petition, to the thousands of signers and the community at large, and, it’s equally shameful that these same signers were duped into allowing this group to use their names to support such a misguided cause.

    …but, if you examine, compare and contrast the very real consequences of similar actions, and the groups that sponsored them, then it’s not at all surprising.

    …they should run for Congress.

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