Audit results show why Albuquerque should fully embrace private golf course management

Management of Albuquerque’s public golf courses was recently slammed in an auditors report as discussed in the Albuquerque Journal.

Based on my interpretation of the issues discussed in the report, it would appear that the problem stems from 2 things: 1) the fact that most golf course operations are privately-managed while the course itself is managed by the City; 2) poor oversight of contracts on the part of the City.

It would seem that the best solution is complete privatization of golf course management. Rather than the split system, outsource all aspects of golf course management, require a specific amount of money be returned to the City and negotiate an appropriate rate structure, and let the course management team innovate within those bounds.

This structure would mitigate against losses to the taxpayer; it would be simple to monitor, and it would likely improve conditions, especially at Ladera which has struggled in the past. Cincinnati is just one major city to have seen positive results from such a move. Rio Grande Foundation has previously covered this issue.

Conservatives should support private management because relying on the private sector is results in a better product at a lower cost.
Liberals should support it because limited taxpayer dollars should not be spent to subsidize golf courses.

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