Albuquerque Tea Party Meet and Greet Tonight

Join me tonight at the Albuquerque Convention Center (details below) for a candidate “Meet and Greet” sponsored by the Albuquerque TEA Party. Meet many of our local, state and national candidates personally. Ask them questions. Find out their positions on issues of limited government here in New Mexico and America.

The Rio Grande Foundation will have a table and I’ll be there to meet attendees. Stop by and pick up a “Free Markets” bumper sticker or tee shirt.

There will be tea (of course) and snacks with a cash bar for those who prefer stronger beverages than tea.

At this time, the following candidates have confirmed their presence tonight:

Allen Weh/Governor
Janice Arnold-Jones/Governor
Susana Martinez/Governor

Kent Cravens/Lt. Governor

Jon Barela/Congress – Dist. 1
Adam Kokesh/Congress – Dist. 3
Tom Mullins/Congress – Dist. 3

Spiro Vassilopoulos/Commissioner of Public Lands
Bob Cornelius/Commissioner of Public Lands
Jim Jackson/Commissioner of Public Lands

Wayne Johnson/Bernilillo Co. Commission – Dist. 5
Pat Morlen/Sandoval Co. Commission – Dist. 1

William Kurth/Bernalillo Co. Sheriff

Errol Chavez/State Auditor

Justin Horwitz/State Rep. – District 15
Clyde Wheeler/State Rep. – District 12
Tom Molitor/State Rep. – District 23
Conrad Jame/State Rep. – District 24
Tonia Harris/State Rep. – District 60

KIVA 1550 AM plans to attend and will interview supporters and candidates. The interviews will be broadcast through the following week.

I look forward to seeing you tonight!

$20.00 per person (can be paid at the door)
7:00, Doors open at 6:00
Albuquerque Convention Center
Ballroom “C,” West Building
401 2nd Street NW
Albuquerque, NM 87102

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6 Replies to “Albuquerque Tea Party Meet and Greet Tonight”

  1. Will the media start adding “Tea Party organizer” to Mr. Gessing’s name to the bottom of all columns he writes?

  2. ok last time, I was hope you would be a stand up guy and answer.

    I saw all of there things on your web site, all of which are not true, Please look into them and let your readers know what you fi.
    nd. A lot of good people count on you for the their info on this.

    1. While exact impacts are not yet known because no comprehensive economic impact study has been performed,

    2, Their undemocratic nature is problematic enough, but being appointed by the Governor, they serve as nothing more than a gig (undoubtedly a cushy, paid one) for Friends of Bill.

    3. Come to Comment at March 1 Environmental Improvement Board Meeting
    The schedule is set. March 1 is the one and only public comment session being held by the Environmental Improvement Board

    4. New Mexico’s economy is the lawsuit recently filed to strip the EIB of its authority in this matter

    1. I am not even sure I understand what you are saying here. A spell-checker or some additional editing would do wonders:

      I don’t really care about economic impact studies, this will be devastating to New Mexico’s economy (25% reduction in carbon emissions below 1990 levels);

      OK, I stand corrected, members of the Environmental Improvement Board are not paid. I didn’t say that I knew they were paid, but thanks for the clarification;

      While March 1 was the only known public comment period where individuals could actually speak to the Board, the comment period is ongoing. People can still provide written comments to the Board;

      I’m not sure what this last point means, but there has been a lawsuit filed in opposition to the proposed EIB regulations. The Rio Grande Foundation is not a party to this suit.

  3. thank you and sorry, i can’t spell my way out of a wet paper bag

    yes can send in wwitten comments, but we will have many more public comment periiood where individuals can actually speak to the board

    there is a economic impact study on NMED web sit,e not sure how good it still is or not

    thanks for the not paid this is a lot of work and time

    last if you have anything you would like to bring and leave out on a table please do

    Gregory Green EIB

  4. and on the lawsuit, the lawsuit claims the EIB cannot
    set greenhouse gas emission standards without frist setting a state ambient air quality standard, which has
    not been set yet.

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